'Electronics' Playground', a workshop on LED Circuit Patterns for kids

Posted by Parth Mittal on

In collaboration with Thinking Ladder, an organisation run by Mrs. Megha Mittal, a child development specialist and education consultant, Bageera is organizing a workshop on LED circuit patterns using LED cubes and Arduino Mini as the core components. The young minds will also be introduced to basics of programming and robotics so as to instill inquisitiveness among them towards this emerging field.

The 3 hours workshop will serve as a platform for the students to raise questions pertaining to electronics, robotics, programming and many other fields. Not only will this be a informative activity for the kids but taking the kits home will also urge them to tinker with the components more and develop new technologies.

Taking an assumption that the students are unaware of this domain, the team on site plans to eloquently explain about all the necessary parts and products. This will ensure students' acquaintance of the products before getting their hands dirty playing with them. 

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