About Us

Our Mission

To help you move ‘From 0 to N’ in robotics.

We aim at helping a person who may have no skill set (From 0) or a newfound interest in robotics to reach any level (To N) such as pursuing it as a hobby, participating in competitions, becoming an educator or taking it to a professional level.

About Us

One fine day in 2016, we were sitting in the class and bored, as always, we started discussing ideas that posed as solutions to the problems faced by us and supposedly, many more like us. One such idea came across which, according to us, could go a long way in solving many issues faced by the aspiring learners. In order to streamline the approach and make it more practical, thereby, preventing us from building castles in the air, we explored the idea to the hilt and formulated Bageera.

Bageera is made up of a bunch of enthusiastic and diligent engineers from different institutes. We are driven by the problems faced in our early college and school years which include low budgets, numerous projects and their burdensome deadlines, unavailability of right resources and a lot more on the similar lines. As of date, we are working on providing affordable hardware to our fellow robotics enthusiasts and expanding the domain of industrial robotics learning to schools. We plan on solving all the aforementioned problems by providing a comprehensive platform which can truly help anyone reach any level he/she desires.

With the school workshops, we wish to encourage the young minds of our nation to be able to formulate projects on their own with slight tweaks in our taught curriculum. Deviating from the pre set projects based on mechanics, we try to focus on the practical aspects of electronics theories. We plan on helping students solve problems independently and with the help of electronics, they will be able to take up any venture on their own.

Why the name Bageera, one may ask! Well, he was the most resourceful and wise character in the Jungle Book and we seek to impersonate his characteristics to help our fellow learners. Besides, it sounds cool.