Well, who doesn’t know ‘BAGEERA’, the black panther from the very popular tales of Jungle Book!

What Bageera was to Mowgli, a friend who helped a man cub to escape the clutches of Shere Khan, Bageera is to all the robotics enthusiasts. It is a platform to groom and hone their skills and provide them with the required resources.

Bageera offers the following services:

E-Commerce: The very first step towards crafting your own robot is to gather all the essential parts of the robot. We, at Bageera, offer you a complete nine yards of the parts and components ranging from sensors, ICs, DD to arduino boards, raspberry pi etc helping you in the journey of making some amazing bots that are no more a figment of our imagination today but have become our comrades in shaping the future. We claim to offer you the best prices over all our brick and mortar counterparts and many of the online shopping portals available across Delhi.

Workshop/Training in Robotics: To apprise you about robotics to the core and to give you a hands-on experience of working with various components to shape any and every electronic solution, we conduct various workshops and training sessions open for a multitude of people willing to learn and experience technology. The only prerequisite is the desire to come forward from our classroom curriculum and exploring the vast spectrum of possibilities ourselves. Designed to have a comprehensive approach with various levels and a fun loving environment, these workshops will surely help you to get a holistic knowledge of robotics and electronics and the most important aspect, practical implementation.

College Projects: Perplexed as to which mini project to make for your college curriculum? Need not worry, we have made things easier for you. Bageera has a wide array of robotics projects for you to choose from and if you have made up your mind on pursuing a project of your choice, we shall help you in fulfilling that with utmost dedication. Our projects range from all sizes of large to small with unique and innovative concepts. Besides helping the student choose a project, Bageera provides with the required kit and a complete guidance on how to go about the project from the scratch. We also assist you in formulating a well structured report for your project.

Smart Home Solutions: Have you ever wondered how astounding it would be if you could control the intensity and operation of the lights, air conditioning in the house, locking and opening of doors, all the electronic and electrical appliances in home, entertainment systems, irrigation systems automatically?

Well, this is not a far-fetched reality today and just a click away.

Bageera acquaints you with such plug and play technologies and also provides the services for their installation. These cutting edge technologies, making use of Artificial Intelligence and IOT have rendered home automation as a very efficient way to reduce power wastage. Our solutions also enhance security along with making our lives more comfortable and simpler. In a world facing shortage of water and electricity, these solutions have become essential for all households and Bageera makes them accessible and affordable for everyone.