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433 MHz RF Transmitter and Receiver pair

  • Rs. 150.00

433 MHz the transmitter is an ask hybrid transmitter module. 

Range in open space (standard conditions): 500 meters (with antenna) / 100-200 meters (without antenna). 

Rf ask transmitter: Frequency range: 433.92 MHz 

Supply voltage: 3v ~ 12v. 

Output power: 4 ~ 12 dbm. 

Standard operating voltage: 5v. 

Rf ask receiver: Receiver frequency: 433.92 MHz 

Typical sensitivity: 105 dbm. 

Supply voltage: 3v ~ 12v. 

Supply current: 3.5 ma. 

Standard operating voltage: 5v.

Applications: Remote controls. Automation system. Wireless security system. Sensor reporting. Car security system. Remote keyless entry. 

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